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Camp Cancellation Policies

Mini Camp Cancellation Policy

We require full payment for most of our camps to complete your registration.  With this said, we understand that things do happen and, on occasion, you will need to cancel your registration.  If that happens, we have the following policy:


  1. You will receive a full refund if you cancel 72 hours prior to the date of the camp.

  2. If you cancel inside these 72 hours and we still achieve our minimum number of campers we will refund accordingly:

    1. 72-48 Hours 50% Refunded

    2. 48-24 Hours 25% Refunded

  3. Inside 48 hours will often put us in a difficult position in many ways so please do everything you can to let us know as early as possible but at least by 48 hours.

  4. We are sorry, if it is Inside 48 Hours we will not be able to offer any refund but we will apply 25% to a future NDA Camp.

  5. If there is simply a no-show we will not offer any refund or future discount and impact any of our future NDA Camps.  

If you meet the requirements, Please allow up to 3 days after the camp date to receive the refund.


We schedule a lot of Mini-camps to allow more opportunities for the athlete which means that some mini-camps will have very small numbers, which is a good thing of course.  It also means we will have a situation where the minimum numbers are not established. 

When we cancel:

  1. We will let you know as soon as we make the decision via email.

  2. There are expenses associated with your camp even when it is not conducted so we prefer to reimburse your camp via Individual Lessons dollar for dollar in the form of coupons. 

  3. We prefer these lessons conducted at the Beechmont Facility as it has the facility best suited for all Min-Camp sessions.

  4. To Schedule your Lesson(s) with the REIMBURSEMENT CERTIFICATE:

    1. Single Session Worth $35.00 CLICK HERE

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