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(Updated May 24, 2020)

What can be said that hasn't been said.  "It's crazy!"..."It feels like the twilight zone!"...etc  There are health issues, social issues, sports issues, and political issues but no matter where you stand or believe, we all want to get back to playing the sport we love.  

NFA is located in Jeffersonville, Indiana so we mostly serve Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois with plans to branch out south to Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.  With this COVID "stuff" going around, getting back on the field is based on so many factors including state policy, local/city policy, and even the park policy for allowing athletes back on the field.

Here are some details at some of these states.  We will add more over the next few weeks especially as things change and most likely they will.








Also, join us each Thursday at Noon (Eastern) for our Weekly Gap to Gap Radio broadcast "Let's Talk Softball".  We are currently talking about "Getting Back on the Field".  More Information about Gap to Gap Radio is available Here.

Some points of interest for Softball  (These are just some highlighted points of interest)  A link to each state's guidelines is available)

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Updated May 24, 2020


Released May 22, 2020


  • Practice (without competition) may begin.

  • No more than 10 athletes and 1 coach in the group.  (This reads as if you could have two separate groups practicing on the same field as long as social distancing is being followed)

  • No Scrimmages or Games


  • Competition may resume with up to 50 spectators following the Social Distancing Guidelines.


Updated May 24, 2020


Released by the State May 21, 2020

EFFECTIVE MAY 22ND "Stage Three"

  • Most of the State (other than Cass, Lake and Marion Counties) will Enter Stage 3.

  • Cass, Lake and Marion Counties will enter Stage 3 on June 1st.

  • Practice is permitted but no games, scrimmages or tournaments. (Section 16.d.i)


  • Social Gathering of 250 or fewer

  • Recreational sports and leagues can resume.

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