Fastpitch Blog

Our mission is to get stuff we learned over the years located in one place that can help others.  Stuff that you don't usually hear every day or maybe even some things you haven't heard before...or read or seen.  It will be a collection of blogs and video blogs about random fastpitch softball things..or stuff.  

The "stuff" here is for players, coaches, assistant coaches, wannabe coaches, parents, grandparents....anyone that wants to either learn more about the sport they love or help others that want to get better.  

We get better from hard work.  This is pretty much a fact.  However, hard work needs to be smart.  We call this intelligent sweat.  You need intelligent sweat and after decades of coaching and teaching, we feel we can help with that.  

Leave comments, email us, visit our social media pages...let us know what you think...ask us questions...we are here to help.  Thank you for visiting our page and now before you leave please subscribe and let's get ready to DO!

NOTE:  I am in the process of moving my whole blog to a new site so please check back often as I will be transferring old content to this site and adding new content on a regular basis.