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FSS Showcase Registration

Welcome to the Future Stars of Sports Showcase Registration Page.  We at National Fastpitch Academy are working with Ron Ray and FSS to help conduct the Pre-Tournament Showcase for college coaches. 

Please register for the Showcase as it will help us organize the showcase and we will also make this information available to the college coaches that will be in attendance.



You have participated in the Lanesville Showcase in 2020 you are probably already in the system and will just simply need to login to the Prospect Portal with your email and register for the Showcase you want to attend.  PROSPECT PORTAL


You have participated in any National Fastpitch Academy or Lessons With Holly Service, you may also be in the system and just go to the Prospect Portal to Login.


You are brand new please use the registration form below.


You aren't sure, you can try to register below and if your email is in the system it will let you know.

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