Hitting Lessons

Hitting Lessons would probably be considered a strength of mine.  Although, as a college head coach for many years, I feel comfortable working with all aspects of the game, Hitting is my strength and my passion.


So, for those of you that are new to all this, the way I approach this is I am her hitting instructor.  I take it a few steps farther though.  I teach her terminology of hitting, strategy of hitting, mental aspects of hitting, hitting drills and why some things are really important for her, as a hitter.  The basic format of a hitting lesson is:

  1. Talk briefly about her recent hitting history.  How much has she practices, has she played any games and how did she do.  This is very important as it can give insights to how the hitter performs in the game where just hitting in a batting tunnel is not enough.

  2. Then the hitter will hit on the batting Tee.  The batting tee is a very valuable hitting tool and I will spend time in making sure she is using the tee properly as well as watching the mechanics of her swing.

  3. We will stay at the tee a short time to warm up unless there is something I notice that needs to be fixed at that time.  On occasion, we will do some new tee drills.

  4. We rarely will then move to side toss but if we do, this will be when this is done.

  5. Then we will move to front toss and we will stay with this for the duration of the lesson unless there seems to be something that needs to be fixed where going back to the tee is required.


  • It really isn't practice in the sense that repetition is the goal.  It is a training session.  The most important practice comes in between lessons.

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