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Holly Knight

Holly is the creator and owner of the National Fastpitch Academy, National Diamond Academy, Lessons With Holly and National Softball Prospects.

Holly's coaching and playing career is extensive but, some high points:

  • Head Coach at the college level for 19 years with over 500 wins.

  • Assistant college coach for 5 years.

  • Coached nearly 24 years of summer collegiate and travel teams.

  • College Coach of the year awards that include 6 conference coach of the year awards and and 1 regional coach of the year.

  • Coaches one season of high school ball with a conference and sectional championship.

  • All-Conference outfielder at the HS and College level.

  • More...

"My passion is making the athlete better.  It can be a player that is just starting to play for the first time at 10 years old or a college player that wants to improve her game.  I would say hitting instruction is my top skill but I absolutely love working with all aspects of fielding, including throwing.  I have had a blessed career as a player and coach and just happy I can give back to these girls even a little bit from what I have learned over the years."  



  • ...does individual and group lessons through "Lessons With Holly".

  • the founder and host of Gap to Gap Radio which is a podcast with interviews about softball.

  • ...runs most of the camps organized by National Fastpitch Academy.

  • ...does the shooting, editing and creating of the National Softball Prospects Recruiting Video

  • ...runs all aspects of National Diamond Academy, National Fastpitch Academy, Lessons With Holly and National Softball Prospects.

  • ...more


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