How To Schedule a Lesson

There are a few ways you can schedule a Lesson With Holly.

  1. Schedule Software:  This is the easiest and fastest option to schedule a lesson.  It is software that is designed to only offer available times based on that location and type of lesson you are requesting.  You can select by location or by lesson type.  For example if you are just looking for a 60 minute lesson and it can be at any of our locations, select 60 Minute Lesson and you will have more options.  If it does matter where you want to take the lessons you should begin with the location however, you can get to the same place eventually using either method.  DISCLAIMERS:  On occasion, the software doesn't work properly and I will have to contact you to make an adjustment.  Also, I lease facilities that are used by other instructors.  I try to stay on top of the availability but sometimes there is a conflict.  If there is one, I will contact you as soon as possible.

  2. Email or Text Me:  This is the preferred way for some.  They will just ask if there are any available times on a particular day or two.  I will then send options.  This works fine but it can take quite a few emails/texts to get a lesson scheduled.

  3. Call.  This is a pretty good option and probably a little faster than option 2.

Recurring Schedule

I believe this is the very best way to schedule your lessons.  It locks in your times each week which has a lot of advantages.  If you need to cancel just let me know a few days ahead if you can.  (Cancellation Policy)  I will need to schedule your recurring lessons on my end but it is quick and easy, just let me know when you want to schedule.  

Okay, I realize your life is typically crazy and it is difficult to know if you are available or not.  Again, you can always reschedule or cancel if needed and then when the season changes, you can make adjustments to your recurring schedule.  It isn't locked in concrete but it is the best way to go.