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Importance of Metrics

Metrics actually might seem to be a new thing but it has been around for a long time.  Using a stopwatch to determine running speed is a form of metrics and that has been around for a long time.


The radar gun was first used to measure pitching velocity but then we realized it could help us evaluate the change of speed in comparison of the change up to the fastball.


Eventually, we started using the radar gun to evaluate arm strength and now we have added exit velocity as a metric from the radar gun.

In softball, metrics can help us in the following ways: 


When tested properly it gives you a "benchmark" as to where you are on that day and then at some later point you can compare how well you have improved or (sometimes) not improved.  Improvement is really important and metrics can give you an objective method to know the rate of improvement instead of just how you "feel" you are improving.  We will test you and then record your metrics based on the date you took the test and then when you take your test again you can compare very quickly.  

This will tell you the are you need to work on the most.  We use metrics as one of our tools to determine how much the athlete is improving in our lessons.  It is a great tool.

There are times I will notice, during lessons, that one of my hitters has decreased her velocities.  This is a huge concern as it should be increasing.  This gives me a red flag when I might not have noticed the difference in 5 miles an hour with my naked eye.   We were able to repair the velocity but our focus changed from technique to strength development.


Let's face it, it is all a competition.  It is a competition between yourself as started earlier and it is a competition between teammates in terms of playing time.  Obviously, it is a competition on the field against your opponents but it is also a competition when you are being recruited by travel teams and/or college programs.  How you compare to others your age, your position, your state and etc matters more and more.  Not knowing how you compare to others of similar age and position will put you at a disadvantage.  


When you complete your metrics testing with us you are added to our database and you can see exactly how you compare to others.  See our Database.


We use Blast Technology to test a ton of hitting metrics that you can learn more about our metrics here and the radar gun to test Exit Velocity for the hitter.

We will use the stopwatch for running times and pop times for the catcher and radar gun for pitching velocities.

We have also created some metrics based on the testing such as a consistency factor and a timing factor.  These have been really helpful in evaluating the hitter in depth!


We are located in the Louisville, Kentucky area and we can do metrics for anyone that can come to any of our Louisville or Southern Indiana facilities.  However, if you have a group of 4 or more, Holly can travel to you.  There may be a cost for travel expenses.  Just contact us and we will figure it out.

If you are ready to sign up, it is only $20.00 for a 30 minute session.  Click here.

Contact Holly if you have more questions

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