Lesson Cancellation Policy


  • I ask that you contact me at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson to cancel but even earlier is better.  Late cancellations leaves openings that I could possibly fill and some of the facilities I use require me to pay their rental fee if I don't cancel with them at least 24 hours in advance.

  • So, any cancellation inside the 24 hours will result in a fee of $8.00 for a 30 Minute Lesson and $15.00 for a 60 Minute lesson.  I will send you an invoice that you can pay or just add this amount to your next lesson.

    • If I can find a replacement for this lesson I will charge you the rental fee but this is difficult inside 24 hours.

  • Due to this policy, you will be asked to confirm your lesson with me.  You can do this either by email, text or calling.  If I do not receive a confirmation I will reach out to you again and then if there isn't a confirmation, I will cancel the lesson at the 24 hour mark.


  • One way is to just to to your email where you should have received an email confirmation for the lesson.  It should have a button to select to cancel.  Just follow the instructions.

  • Call, Text, Email me.  This is your only option, I believe, on the day of your lesson. Even if it is within an hour of your lesson, please let me know as soon as possible.


  • You will be charged the rental fee's for a no-show (not attending without notice) and will be sent an email and an invoice.  A second no-show will require full payment for the lesson prior to the lesson.


  • You should be able to reschedule using the email confirmation from the schedule software.  If not, just contact me as soon as you know you need to reschedule and we will take care of it.

Schedule Software

My Phone Number (Text/Call)  502-262-9195

My Email:  hollyknight@nationalfastpitchacademy.com