Lesson Costs

First of all, I understand taking lessons can be an expensive endeavor so I work hard to make it "easier" for you to take regular lessons.  So, I have created a Loyalty Program where you get discounts based on the amount you spend but also some bonus points.  (See Loyalty Program).

The following prices took effect on October 1st but anyone taking lessons prior to October 1st will automatically move to the Silver Level but will then progress normally based on points.  I am moving these athletes to the Silver Level to keep with my policy to keep the rates the same with them. They will, with everyone else, need to achieve 125 points to move to the Gold Level, however.

I will continue this policy but it is based on the facility and as of November 1st I will raise the rates for all lessons at a particular facility if they raise the rental fees.  You will be informed prior to any changes.  

IF you want to continue to take lessons but just can not afford them please contact me and we will find a way to make it work for you.  

If you prefer to pay using your card before or after the lesson you can use the payment button to the right.  Since there are so many Payment options, we didn't list the product just the payment amount.  Please refer to the chart above to indicate how much you will be paying.  

SIBLING DISCOUNT:  Take $5.00 off the second sibling if taking lessons on the same day back to back.