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Metrics Sessions

A Metrics Session is where we will run the athlete through a workout to collect their metrics.  Metrics are statistical measurements of the athlete such as bat speed, running speed and throwing velocity.  (More Info on Metrics) They are important for a few reasons.

  1. For the athlete, it is a "water mark" so to speak.  It tells you where you are today.

  2. For the athlete, it can be used to determine where you "rank" as compared to others with our database.  

  3. For the coach/instructor and athlete.  It shows potential weaknesses or areas that need to be improved.

  4. For the team/school and athlete it helps with the recruiting process which includes college and travel team recruiting.​


We use metrics to measure the athlete at the beginning, the middle and the end to determine the level of progress the hitter is making (or not making).  We will take the initial metrics from the Blast Device and we will evaluate the swing of the athete and then develop a 12 week plan for the hitter for the most possible improvement.

Then, about half way into the 12 week program we will test to determine if there is any improvement and if not, what is lacking that we need to improve upon for the remaining 12 weeks.  

We will then do a final test to determine what improvements were made.

We will test the following metrics for the Peak Performance Program:

  • Bat Speed

  • Bat Velocity

  • Exit Velocity

  • Timing Factor

  • Attack Angle

  • Blast Power

  • Blast Factor

  • More...

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