NFA Testing Center

The ability to evaluate talent is at the core of every decision we make as coaches and instructors.  Subjective evaluation is still critically important where the coach/instructor judges the skills/talent but, with current technology, we have access to some amazing tools that can assist in our recruiting decisions, roster decisions and decisions on playing time. 

You know, when the radar gun started being used many coaches and scouts didn't believe it was that important but over time the radar gun is now used to determine pitching velocity, change of speeds of the pitcher, arm health, throwing velocity and even exit bat velocity.

So, with this said we feel that the more information we have available to us the better off we are.  Here are the objective metrics/evaluations we include in our testing center:


Metrics is at the foundation of what National Fastpitch Academy is about.  To know where we need to go we must first know where we are.


We use the Blast Technology Device to test most of our hitting metrics.


We offer or will offer many types of Databases of which many are metrics driven.

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