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Recruiting Services


Welcome to our Recruiting Service home page where we focus on helping you find the right college to continue your academic and playing career. 

Our Mission is to assist the athlete and her family in finding the right college.  We ONLY do Fastpitch Softball so we can focus on YOU.  That is our Super Power!  

We offer a lot of "bridges" to help you to your destination.  Take a look at our services:

Highlight Recruiting Video Service

Are you ready for 2021 when we change the face of the Recruiting Video?  Okay, that be a little dramatic but there is so much technology available to us today that we need to make things better and easier and we can do that.  It is my plan to replace ALL recruiting videos with Game Highlight Video.  There are tons of reasons why this is best. 

Take a look...

Prospect Profile

It starts here as this is your first step in preparing for the recruiting journey.  College coaches will need information about you that a profile will provide.  It is a lot like your resume in applying for a job.  There are three types of Profiles:

  • Hard Copy:  This is the traditional paper resume that you can physically hand to coaches.

  • Digital Copy:  This is your hard copy saved digitally (ie; PDF).  

  • Virtual Copy:  This is your living breathing live virtual profile.  This can replace your Digital Copy and our Profile is the most powerful on the market and includes unlimited features.  

Individual Metrics

Let's face it, metrics are the future in softball.  Technology is giving us the ability to test athletes and compare to other athletes in areas such as bat speed, exit velocity, and attack angle.  We have been using metrics in softball for many years already such as pitching velocity and running speed.  It is just going to continue to become more important.  


Individual Metrics can help you compare to others your age, compare to yourself to see how well you are improving, and determine what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Metrics won't replace the trained eye of the coach (we hope) but they are just another tool to help you bridge your destination.  We can test you on all the current metrics.   

More Information available here

Team Metrics

Do you want your whole team tested?  We can do that as well.  It is a great way to help determine your most talented athlete.  They are great to help you help the athlete with her weaknesses as your "opinion" might be taken too personal but the metrics can remove that equation.  


Metrics is also a great way to motivate your team and to compare to players over the years.  Interested?  Let us know and we can schedule your team session or

you can read more about it here.

Group Recruiting Video

The Group Recruiting Video Session is great!  It is where we have 3-4 girls at the same video shooting session.  It works really well in so many ways AND you save some money! 

Click here for details

Recruiting Video

The Recruiting Video has been part of the recruiting process for many many years and it continues to be an important tool for many athletes.  We have many years of experience in the production of the video but also with many years of experience coaching at the college level, we offer a perspective from all views.


We will shoot, edit, and produce the video and it includes a ton of other features including adding your video link to your Profile for coaches to find.  

Click here for Details!

Future Stars of Sports Showcases

Holly is the owner of National Fastpitch Academy and works with Future Stars of Sports on occasion with their college showcases. 

Details here.

Coaches Networking

If you participate in these programs:

  • Recruiting Video

  • Group Recruiting Video

  • Prospect Profile

  • Video Clips

  • Highlight Video


We will send a personal email to your top five college programs that include; your basic information, profile link, video links, and scouting report.


As a bonus, we will also send this email directly to each coach in the state of your residence.  Again, this is a direct and personal email to the college coach about you with your information.  This is included in all the above services. 

Recruiting Service Cost Options

We want to make this as inexpensive and simple as possible. 

We offer some packages that you can view on this page.

Travel Team Placement Services

You may not realize this but recruiting for many travel teams works almost exactly like recruiting for a college program.  With this in mind, you can use many of these recruiting services to help you find your next travel team.  Not sure how?  

Contact Holly

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