Achieving your very best requires your very best effort.  To some, Peak Performance may have been easy in their early years but as we progress upwards toward High School, College and Pro levels, the required level of work increases.  The Peak Performance Program is designed to help take the serious hitter to the next level.  

Hi.  I am Holly Knight.  I am the owner of Lessons With Holly and National Fastpitch Academy.  One of the most important aspects of improving is to know where you are.  As they say, you can't know where you are going until you know where you are.  The typical instructor uses their experience to evaluate the bat speed, bat velocity, and overall talent.   This is called Subjective Evaluation.  I am a big believer in this and also believe the best instructors are the best at this.  I have been teaching hitting to hitters mostly at the college level for longer than I can believe.  Something like 30 plus years.  I feel I am pretty good at the subjective aspect but I really love what video and the metrics do for me and, even more importantly, what it does for the athlete.

The Peak Performance Program is part of all Lessons With Holly.  What you get with the Peak Peformance Program:


We will test your hitting metrics once every 6-8 Weeks.  This will help us determine any issues with the mechanics of the swing but also any physical issues.  There won't be a lot of improvement but there should be some improvement in each testing.  This is included in the price of the lesson.  More Details about the metrics. 


Video Analytics is where we film the hitter and then break down the swing in stop and slow motion.  Then we will create a video and send the evaluated (analyzed) video to the hitter.  It is extremely helpful for the improvement of the swing.  We will film the hitter about once every 3 Months.  This is included in the lesson price.  More on Video Analytics. 


After most lessons, you will receive notes from that lesson with some highlighted points.  This is also included in the lesson price. 


Holly offers individual and group lessons in the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana Areas with five locations.  More details about her lessons here. 

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