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Pitching & Catching Camp


9:00 am to 10:30 am:  9-11 Year Olds

10:30 am to 11:00 am:  11-14 Year Olds


The Pitchers will receive instruction at the same time the catchers will receive their instruction:

Some teaching points for the Pitchers:

  • Grips​

  • Stance

  • Delivery

  • Release Point

  • Follow Through

  • Types of Pitches

  • Basic Strategy

  • More...

Some teaching points for the Catchers:

  • Proper wear of the gear

  • Stance

  • Giving Signs

  • Receiving the Pitch

  • Blocking Balls in the dirt

  • Throwing to 2B

  • Throwing to 3B

  • Fielding Bunts

  • Fielding Pop Ups

  • More...

The catchers will throw to 2B for time and for the radar gun and then will rotate in to catch the pitchers

During the time the pitchers will throw to the catchers, the instructors will continue to give instructional tips.

Also, during this time, the pitchers will have the radar gun on them to get their velocities.


$35.00 per camper with discounts

  • Current Lessons With Holly Clients receive $10.00 off

  • The multi-session discounts apply from this summers NFA Mini-Camp Series.


  • $10.00 a 60 Minute Lesson With Holly (Some Restrictions apply)


  • Coach Holly | Catching Instructor | Bio

  • Coach Lauren | Pitching Instructor | Bio


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