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Prospect Directory

Why our Directory?

We have two basic types of Prospect Directories.  One is our College Prospect Directory and the other is our Travel Team Prospect Directory.  Each directory is a database of prospects that have submitted their information through all of our services.  The directory is valuable in that it offers the coach to search for players based on single criteria or multiple criteria. 


So here is an example. A coach has determined roster needs for the upcoming year.  Let's say that a shortstop is at the top of the list.  Successful programs will have a working list of shortstops of which they are interested.  Coaches create this list that is always changing from many sources.  One of the sources would be a directory of athletes like ours.  The coach can select criteria such as position (shortstop), State (Kentucky), Graduation Year (2020), and other criteria that is important to that program.  Our directory is the most powerful directory in that a coach can be so much more specific in her or his search.   

Take a look at our College Prospect Directory Here

Take a look at our Travel Team Prospect Directory Here

What is a Prospect Profile?

Your prospect profile is very much like a softball resume.  It enables you, the athlete, to get important information the coach will need throughout the recruiting process.  The Prospect Profiles make up the directory and players can be found in the directory very easily through a simple search based on the criteria that is important to the coach.  

You have access through your Prospect Portal and can update any part of your profile.  Your profile is password protected and only you have access to your date and you can pick and choose what information you want to make available or not available.  

You will also have a unique profile link where you can send your profile to the coach/program of which you are interested.  This link will take the coach (or anyone else you share the link with) directly to your profile.

Once your profile is created your link address will never change.  This gives you the ability to update your profile whenever you want and that information becomes immediately viewable on your profile to anyone that has the link.  

Click here for more information about your Prospect Profile

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