Prospect Profile

Your profile is your softball resume.  It will include your contact information, career, and academic highlights, and references.  It is an important tool for your recruiting journey.

It is suggested you have a hard copy as well as a digital copy.  Your hard copy can be handed out at games when needed.  However, the digital copy is very valuable for the following reasons:

  • Very easy to send the profile link to the coach via email or text.

  • A lot more information can be made available on the digital profile.

  • Easily edited through your Prospect Portal

  • Edited content becomes available immediately without resending the profile or the link.

  • Active links can include valuable features such as a recruiting video, website, social media, emails, schedule, and such.

  • One of the really nice features of our profile is that it is connected to all of our services such as Lessons, camps, showcases, metrics sessions, and video services.  This is one of the reasons we have merged all of our services to one business.  So, you can update your Lesson Portal and that will automatically update your profile in all of our services.  You will not need to update in each of the portals.

Included in your Profile

  • Contact Information so the coach can contact you when applicable.

  • High School Team and Travel Team General Information.

  • Academic Information

  • References

  • Metrics

  • Game Statistics

  • Career and Game Highlights

  • Recruiting Video

  • Recruiting Video Clips (highlight film)

  • Game Schedule

  • Unique Personal Profile Link

  • More...

All of our digital profiles are added to our Prospect Directory.  To learn more about our Prospect Directory, click here.

Our Prospect Profile Services

Prospect Profile


  • You will have immediate access to your profile as soon as you create an account.

  • The athlete needs to be at least 14 years old to be visible in the College Prospect Directory.  (Contact Holly if you want to request a younger player added to the Directory)

  • Your profile will also be active in the Travel Team Prospect Directory.  (You can change to only College Prospect or Only Travel Team Prospect in your Prospect Portal under "Update General Information".


  1. You will receive a confirmation email immediately upon registering below with instructions as to how to begin entering your information in your Prospect Portal.  (If you do not receive this email, check your spam folder.  If it is not there and you have not received your confirmation with instructions from us, please contact us here.

  2. Once you receive the confirmation email you can begin updating your profile.

  3. All Information will become available immediately so coaches can view your complete profile.

  4. In the email, you will receive a link for Payment for three options.

  5. This includes a 14 Day Trial.  If you do not want to participate, simply do not pay.  We will contact you after the 14 days if you do not pay to check to just check on your status.  

  6. At this time, if you do not want to participate in the program, we will remove your Premium Information from the Directory however all information will remain if you decide later to participate.

  7. Please update your Listing Option under General Information as soon as you can.

  8. Less (information) is not more in this situation.  More is better.  

  9. During the first 14 days, we will activate your individual Profile Link and make it available on your profile.

  10. You will also be added to our Prospect Email List with recruiting tips and helpful tips for your profile.


  • Individuals that have paid and participated in any of our Recruiting Video Services will automatically be enrolled in this service at no additional fee.

  • Lessons With Holly clients that have reached the Gold Loyalty Level is eligible for the LWH Client Lifetime Package.


  • If you prefer to pay for the Lifetime Membership in Installments of 3 payments please click here

  • The Payment Page for all Profile Services is here

Still, have questions?  Take a look at our FAQ section where we try to answer every single question you have about the meaning of life.  Well, okay, not that deep but we do try to get deeper into what questions you may have.