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Prospect Profile Help

This is the help page for your Prospect Portal and Prospect Profile.  You can search for the topic using the magnifying glass search and most instructional topics include a video to walk you through things.  If you need any further help just let us know.

  • Why Do I need a Profile?
    Okay, let's be honest. If your daughter is one of the top 5% players in your state you probably won't need most recruiting services since most coaches have already heard about you or will hear very soon. However, even for you a profile is important for the following reasons: They (coaches) still need information such as your phone number, your academics and roster information. A profile is your resume and much of the information on your profile will be needed by the coach during the recruiting process. For the other 95% of prospects, you can use your digital profile link to introduce yourself to the program. Many times a coach will ask for this information and having it available pretty quickly is very valuable. Time and timing is a factor in the world of recruiting.
  • What should be on my Profile?
  • I can just do a profile myself, why should I use your service?"
  • How can a Profile Help my travel team athlete?
  • Can I get a refund?
    If you are not satisfied, we will reimburse you the amount but we believe you will be satisfied with our service for the very low price.
  • I still have questions, how do I contact an actual person?"
    I get it. This is new to a lot of people. Just contact Holly. Here is her contact information: Call/Text: 502-262-9195 Email: You can also chat on here at the bottom right tab "Do you have questions?". Or you can message Holly on our Facebook page
  • Length of Service
    The Yearly Length of Service is 365 Days beginning with the day you register for the trial. You will automatically be renewed in 365 days. You can cancel at anytime. The Lifetime Membership lasts, well, forever or until you let us know you do not need it any longer.
  • How does the 14 Day Trial Work?
    You will need to register through the trial to get started with the program and then you will have 14 days before your card will be automatically charged the amount based on the program you selected. In those 14 days you can cancel at anytime.
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