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What does a bridge have to do with Fastpitch Softball?  Well, I am glad you asked!  You are on one side with the goal and desire and determination to get to the other side.  

We are the bridge that will help you get there!

National Fastpitch Academy Fall Promo



The Prospect Profile is your resume and is one of the first things you will need as you begin your recruiting journey.  We offer a very powerful Virtual Solution that is easy and safe.

We are currently offering a very special offer of $40.00 off our $50.00 yearly package.    


The Full Recruiting Video is still a very important tool in the recruiting process in which many college coaches will want to see your video before they decide to travel to see you play.

We offer group video sessions as well as individual video sessions.  Click on the View Details to see examples and to learn more about this bridge...umm service.


This is a new concept that is super exciting and although the Full Video is still important, the video clip can be an amazing tool to help you bridge your dreams.  We offer many solutions to some complications for this technology.

The video clips are short videos you take of your athlete and send to us and we create a series of clips in a highlight reel sort of format that has it's own link you can send to coaches.


Okay, we admit it, we are a hybrid between an athlete and a nerd.  We love the world of sports where pretty much anything can happen but also love the technology of today that can help you predict what might happen and the potential of the athlete that metrics do offer.

We measure metrics from bat speed to exit velocity and pitching velocities as well as fielding throwing velocities and catchers pop times.



Maybe a little scary, a little confusing but a lot overwhelming.  In ALL of our services, we serve as a consultant.  If you have questions we will get the most updated and accurate answer or at least clearer options.

Again, using the bridge as a metaphor.  We have been around the game for decades but stay current with what is going on and we have been the recruiter, the prospect, the parent, and the promoter.  

If you prefer to talk to a real person you can contact Holly by email, phone or text.  Click on the "Ask Holly" button.


You know you need a profile and this is the best deal you will get for something this easy and powerful.  Your next step is to go to the Prospect Profile Main Page to see even more details as to what you receive (all the features and some links to examples) and then you just click a few buttons to get started.  If you aren't satisfied we will reimburse you but, this current year deal for $10.00 is really a no-brainer isn't it?  

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