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Recruiting Video Services

Hello.  We offer four types of Recruiting Video Services as you will see below.  Let's be clear.  Recruiting Videos are really helpful in a few situations such as:

  • A coach hasn't seen you play and requests you send them a video BEFORE traveling to see you in a live game.

  • You want to "introduce" yourself to a college program that doesn't know whom you are or have seen you play.

A recruiting video is usually not needed when:

  • A recruiting video isn't usually needed for the top players in the state that essentially "everyone" knows who you are.  

  • The coach has seen you play or have seen you in a showcase and has contacted you.

Does playing for a travel team replace the need for a recruiting video?  It can.  Essentially, it is a simple thing.  What college do you want to attend and has that coach seen you play?  

So, unless you are certain you are in the top 10 percent of your graduating class in your state, we would suggest you do one of two things in regards to a Recruiting Video.

  1. Email the colleges you are interested in to introduce yourself and tell them you are interested in attending their college and you want to play softball there.  If they contact you and have not seen you play, they may ask you to send them a video.  IF they don't respond back to you that means they have seen you play and they are not interested or they just missed your email.  If you don't hear from them in a few weeks and you are still interested, send them another email and hopefully, you will get some sort of response.

  2. Option 2 is what we suggest.  Send the email with a video and indicate in the subject you have a video such as "Recruiting Video from Jane Doe from Central High School in YOUR STATE".  Include a video link in your email and you will almost always get better results in getting them opened and replied to.  With the costs of our Video, you really can't go wrong with this approach.  You also have a video ready immediately upon the request as sometimes it takes weeks to have one produced and that might be too late.  


Here is a list of our Recruiting Video Services where "Bridging Your Destination" takes life.


Individual Full Recruiting Video

This is the traditional Full (Skills) Video.  It has been around since they were produced on VCR's.  They were much more difficult to produce in those days but, as a college coach, they were very helpful to see players that you may not have had the chance to see or may not get the chance to see play.  Contact Holly to schedule Your Individual Recruiting Video.  CLICK FOR DETAILS


Full Recruiting Video Group Sessions

From time to time I will offer Group Video Sessions.  They are super effective and I prefer them over individual sessions and are less expensive for you.  I will add upcoming Group Sessions here when they are scheduled but also promote them on my Facebook Page.  Like our Facebook page to get updates.




Video Clips

We are super excited to launch this service.  It is where we put short video clips of your athlete together into a playlist or highlight reel.  Click here to learn more about this new and exciting Service.


Highlight Video

This is what you want it to be with special effects and video clips and edited videos that can be used for a variety of uses from recruiting video to just a cool thing to post on social media.  Since it is a special order service, contact Holly with what you want and to get a quote.  


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