Highlight Video

NFA Softball Recruiting Highlight Video

What is a Highlight Video?

The easiest answer is that it is a group of individual vidoes (Video Clips) of the athlete performing a variety of skills put together to form one highlight video.

How would I use this Highlight Video?

That is one of the beauties of a Highlight Video. It can used in a variety of ways:

  • To send to college programs of which you are interested
  • To send to college programs that has requested video from you
  • To use to send to travel team coaches of which you are interested in their program.
  • To send to family and friends.
  • To post on social media.
  • For fun.
  • More...
  • All of the above

Will this replace this typical Recruiting Video?

You know what. If the coach requests a typical recruiting video and it is a program of which you are interested, you probably should get one made but here are some issues with the Full Recruiting Video:

  • They take hours to create and hours to edit.
  • They are scripted. Yes, they have always been scripted but now with the ability to create live or mostly live video, why not?
  • Because of the time, those of us that create them have to charge a lot more for the service.
  • Unless it is a pitcher, it really doesn't work as good indoors as it does outdoors; especially with the fielding part.
  • Because of the time and expense, you only create one every few years and athlete improve a lot in that time.

Why is this Highlight Video better?

  • We will use live video of live games that you shoot on your phone.
  • It can be very current.
  • It is simple to get it on the Highlight reel. Just send it to me via text or email and I add it to your reel or playlist.
  • Since it takes less time to film, edit and create it is much less expensive.

What other Features are included?

  • You can have up to 10 Video clips at one time.
  • If you want to change one, just send the new one and tell us the one you want it to replace.
  • The link to your highlight video will remain the same even when you add or remove video. It stays live!

Do you have an example?

Yes, here are two examples: Natalie Shaw Shelby Stivers

How much does it cost?

Click Here for our Highlight Video Clips Pricing.

What Should be Included in the Video?

Well it depends on some things but let's break it down this way: LIVE GAME VIDEO Hitting (at least 3 hits) Pitching (at least 3 from different angles) Infield/Outfield (at least one regular ground ball but better to have 2 Catching (at least 1 receiving, 1 throwing and 1 blocking) At leasst one big hit or great play would be ideal to be added. PRACTICE VIDEO Introduction of the athlete (name, graduation year high school and state) (included free) 1 video clip of at least a 4 swings in a round of batting practice Any video clip of a great practice session (as short as possible) OTHER VIDEO A work out type of video is great Something cool that just would be nice to add is okay Depending on your main goal, send us the video and we will give you advice as to if it should be added or not.

How Do we Submit our Video?

You just send the clip to Holly at 502-262-9195. Make sure you register first so she will know who the number is associated with or you can send it to her at hollyknight@nationalfastpitchacademy.com We will NOT edit the video so please make sure it is how you like it.

Will NFA Edit the Video?

We will not unless you request it and we may have to charge an edit fee but we will let you know up front the cost for approval.

Will NFA Film our athlete?

We would be happy to but we will have to charge for this service. If you want us to, just let us know and we will send you a quote. We will make it as inexpensive as possible.

Interested but not ready today?

Okay. That is great that you are interested. If you would like to heard more about this service and possible special promotions in the future you can add your email to our mailing list specificially for this program. A link is coming soon.

Welcome to our Highlight Video page.  We are so excited to offer this service and we believe you will love it as well.  Basically, it is designed to replace the full recruiting video.  Now, if a coach requests a full video we can help you with that as well but we suggest creating a highlight video and have it ready as we also believe the coach will prefer it as well.  This is just another program to help you bridge your destination.  Below are some questions you may have about this unique program.  If you can't find your answer you can try searching by clicking the magnifying glass, chatting with Holly (bottom right) or contacting us here.

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