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Team Metrics

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First, Metrics is a new and fancy word we are currently using to describe skill evaluation.  Want to know more?  Click Here to learn more about Metrics.    


We, at the NFA can put your team through a Team Metrics Session of which we test your players on all of these specific metrics:



  • Bat Velocity

  • Bat Speed

  • Blast Factor

  • Power Rating

  • Timing Factor

  • Exit Velocity

  • OTHER:  The Difference between Bat Speed and Bat Velocity.



  • Fastball Velocity

  • Second Pitch Velocity

  • Changeup Velocity


  • Catchers Pop Time

  • Throwing Arm Velocity


  • Home to First

  • Second to Home

  • 20 Yard Dash

Work in Progress.jpg



  • We can run any team at any level through a team metrics session.  This includes 8U all the way through a college team.

  • Allow for the metrics session to last about two hours although usually, we complete the process a little faster than two hours.

  • We prefer to travel to your practice field however we do have access to facilities of which we can do the session in the Louisville area.

  • We will travel pretty much anywhere however anything over 100 miles from Jeffersonville, Indiana will include additional fees to cover the travel.

  • Once you register, we will contact you and determine the location.

  • All athletes metrics will be added to our database.

  • We are insured.

  • We charge a flat with discounts available.  See the options below.

  • You can sign up a few ways.  Our schedule software has the available days and times and you can simply use it to schedule your session.  We will contact you after we receive notification.  No payment will be required.  If you prefer, you can just contact Holly here.

  • The metrics will be available in seven or fewer days.

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