Video Clips FAQ's

What are the Advantages of the Video Clips?

Will Video Clips replace the Full Skills Video?

Do you have an example for a Video Clip Playlist?

How do we get you the video?

Can I request to remove any video?

Yes you can but you can only add the selected amount per Level for that year. So, for example you are a MVP Level Member you can add up to 5 video's to your Playlist. If you remove a clip you can't add another on. The number of video clips is based on how many are submitted. Just contact us at to remove request a video to be removed. Please allow up to five days.

Is it possible for me to "up" my level?

If you are a member of any level you can "move up" to another level but there are no automations associated with this so you will have to contact us to request this. Just contact Holly at with the request and we will invoice you for the difference of the levels.

Prospect Portal Access

You will register and then have access to your Prospect Portal. It wil be limited to some features as a MVP Member but as an All-Star Member you will have all features activated. Your Prospect Portal is different than your Video Clip Portal and is where you update your profile information to make that information available to college coaches and travel team coaches for the purpose of being recruited by them.

The 14 Day Trial and how it works

You will have 14 days to try the Video Clip Process and after that time your card will be automatically charged based on the membership you selected. You will only be charged one trial fee of $5.00 and your card information is stored with PayPal of which is highly respected and safe. If you cancel befor the 14 days is up you will only be charged $5.00. After that, you can cancel anytime but we do not offer reimbursement so your service will remain available through the year.

Our Video Clips FAQ page will be updated regularly so feel free to check back soon or you can send us a message below with a question.  Use the search to locate specific questions you may have.  (You will see two magnifying glasses to the right.  Click on smallest one that to start your search.