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Video Clips for $3.00

The Recruiting Video Clips isn't exactly new but we have worked hard to make it easier and more productive for the athlete as well as the coaches.  However, we want to work out some kinks with the program so we need your help.  Here is the deal.   We need 10 people to sign up for the All-Star Level Package.  This is our highest level package worth $53.00 a year and you will get it for $3.00.  This includes a $1.50 cost for the trial and then $1.50 for the year.  A savings of $50.00  We need to have you pay something as we need to test the financial process as well as the technical process.  You will receive All-Star Level Package for a calendar year.

Here is how this will work:

You pay for the 14 day trial of $1.00 and then your card will automatically be charged $1.00 after the 14 days.  (Note:  I will probably ask one or two of you to cancel the trial to test the cancel process but then we will get you back in the program.

Once you go through the registration process we will need to get the clips from you for your Playlist within 2 weeks of your registration.

We need you to go through the whole process and we just ask you to do the following:

  • Give us feedback on things that work well and things that did not work.

  • Give us feedback on ideas you would like to see added or removed.

  • Write us a testimonial for the service of our website.  (Not required just requested)

  • Request that you spread the word about the service with friends and teammates.

  • Allow us to use your Playlist to market the service.

Learn more about Video Clips before you decide

Once you decide you can Subscribe Here

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