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Video Analysis

The use of video to break down a hitters swing has been used for many years.  It is so very valuable as you can often times see aspects of the swing that you miss in real-time.

However, what we do is look at the swing in slow motion based on hitting principles that are very important for the successful hitter and then add annotations (lines/graphics) and commentary about the swing.  We break it down, in other words, on video and save it as a video for the use of the hitter to learn more about her swing.  This is extremely powerful and helpful for the serious hitter that wants to continue to improve.


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We Offer Three Options with our Video Analysis Program

LESSON ADD ON  ($20.00 Add On)

The hitter is filmed ​during one of our lessons and then we create the annotated video that will be sent to the hitter.  Just let Holly know a few days before the scheduled lesson or you can request the Add On when you schedule your lesson.



If you JUST want to be filmed without a lesson for the Video Analysis, just let Holly know and we will get you scheduled.  ​



With smartphones today we have the ability to film the hitter at any time.  It is amazing actually the potential with this technology.  Simply film your hitter two-five swings and send it to Holly's email and she will break down the swing on video.

Interested?  Just complete the following information and Holly will contact you to get you started.

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