Video Clips Onboarding 

Hi there.  This is your Video Clips Onboarding where we hope to walk you through the process of managing your Video Clip Playlist.  Really, it isn't a complicated process but we want to have all of our ducks in a row, so to speak, to make it very easy for you.  

So, this is your onboarding as to how to manage your list AFTER you sign up and register.  If you have questions about your account you can find those answers on our Video Clips FAQ Page.

As always, if you prefer to just talk to a person about onboarding, accounting or anything, you can call/text Holly at 502-262-9195 or email her at

You can search the onboarding by clicking the little magnifying glass to the right.

Filming Your Hitters

The best angle to film a hitter for a coach to see her swing is from the side facing the hitter. So if she is right handed, you would want to film her from the first base side. If you are going to add more than one (1) swing then as long as you have one swing from the side, you are good. An example would be a home run swing. Pretty much any angle is good for this. Look at the video clips as a sort of a highlight film as well.

Length of Each Video Clip

Let's stay as short as possible with the main goal of the video capturing the beginning of the event/activity through the end. Anything over 30 seconds is pretty long. The shorter each clip is the better but make sure you get the full event. If you submit a video that is too long we reserve the right to edit the length of the video or we will ask that you edit the video or send another one. We can edit the length of the video pretty easily but it does take time and if we have to do a lot of them we may request an additional editing fee. We will let you know if this is the case to give you options.

Filming Your Pitcher

Ideally, you would want to show two angles of the pitcher during a game. The first would be from the side facing her. So, if she is right handed, filming from the first base side and left handed pitchers from the third base side. However, a second video would be helpful as well and that would be from right behind the catcher. It is not necesary to show video of each pitch that she has in her repeture. Coaches want to see her mechanics as much as possible. By the way, if you want to add her pitching velocity to her profile we can help you with that through our Testing Center.

Filming your Fielder

This video might be a little longer in length than other videos as you want to capture, if possible, the approach to the ball (from the ready position) and follow the video through the throw (if applicable). Fielding video is really difficult to capture in games as you just don't know when she will get a ball hit to her and a lot of us don't have the ability to film a lot and hope you get one. If you want to film her during the pre-game ("infield') that will work as well. It will show her mechanics of her fielding. Just remember, the video clip needs to be 30 seconds or less please.

Editing your Video

We can help with the edit upon request. Just let us know what you want us to do and we will give you the cost. By the way, we also can do the following for you: Individual Full Skills Video Group Full Skills Video Highlight Flim CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Submitting your Video Clip

Okay. You just filmed her and you are ready to send it to us. The easiest way is to just text it to Holly at 502-262-9195. Try to remember to add her name to the text so we can identify who it is just in case we don't have the number saved. If you prefer to email it you can send it to Remember to send just the clip as we will add the video AS IS to the playlist. If it needs edited or is too long we won't add it and will ask you edit it.

Trim it yourself.  (Edit the length of your video)

It is called Trim when you shorten the length of a video. Here is a link as to how you do it on your: Iphone or Ipad: Android: If you need help with this, let us know.

Your Limit of Clips

The number you have purchased is based on submission and not on active. So, let's say you have a package of 5 videos and you submit 5 and those are active. You request one to be taken off your playlist. You now have 4 active but still have 5 submissions and your limit. So, please take some effort to select the video's you want on your playlist for that year. Now, once the calendar year is completed based on your registration date, you can now submit a brand new bunch of videos.