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Winter Fielding Camp Details

Professional Instruction

The main instructor is Holy Knight.  The owner of National Fastpitch Academy and Lessons With Holly.  Coach Holly is a long-time college head coach with over 500 wins but also has been working with young athletes for many years.  This is what Holly does for a living and she is very dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced.  

State of the Art Facility

King Louie's is an outstanding facility near Eastern High School in Louisville, Kentucky.  There is plenty of space for an outstanding fielding camp. Here is a 360-degree photo slide show of the facility.  

Fielding Instruction

So many young fielders struggle with the actual catching the ball.  This is actually more of an issue with how to use the glove than it is a lack of athletic ability. We will cover the following during the camp:

  • Use of the glove and glove care.

  • Ready Position

  • Proper position when receiving throws, fly balls and ground balls.

  • Proper approach to catch throws, flyballs and ground balls.

  • Overhand throwing motion 

  • Footwork in throwing motion

  • Drills for fielding better.

  • Drills for throwing better.

  • Instruction will be based on age and talent.

  • More..

Testing Skills

It is called metrics today and is an important component in determining the current fielders ability and her potential.  We will:

  • Test Arm Strength in Miles Per Hour with a radar gun.

  • We will test each fielders quickness and ability to catch and throw quickly.

  • All testing will be evaluated based on age.


Due to limited time and availability, the fielding camp is only available for softball players 10 years old to 12 years old.   We will be offering camps at other times for other ages.  If you are not in this age group and want information on future camps please contact us and we will add you to our mailing list.

Registration Limitations

We are trying to keep the instructor to athlete ratio as low as possible so we are limiting the number of registration.


The cost of the camp is $40.00 for the two hours of instruction.  

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